Welcome to UPGRADE

“UPGRADE” is an ecosystem of tools that allows NFT Collectors to increase the value of their NFT then showcase their creativity.

A collection of tools to help NFT Collectors and NFT Artists bring the NFT industry to the next level. The central concept is Collect, Upgrade and Earn. Combining with other people’s works Results in a new piece of NFT that is even more valuable. 

And at the same time, NFT Artists can open up their Creative Shop to sell NFT to others to upgrade each other’s creativity endlessly.

Art Market

The current art market is worth $50-67 Billion (Arts Economics), a vast open market. And with the arrival of Blockchain technology, the concept of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) has emerged, which will bring the art market will move into the online world on Blockchain. Several media platforms, including Bloomberg, Businessinsider, and Coindesk, agree that the NFT market was $40 Billion in 2021 and $80 Billion in 2025.

The online art market will grow beyond the regular market from the above information. Various concepts keep building from this point, and the art exhibition in NFT has emerged for sale in large numbers. This situation will allow collectors to purchase large amounts of NFT. But at some point, collectors will start to find that they can’t sell their rushed NFT works, and that’s where it gets. “UPGRADE” will come in to solve problems sustainably.

“Bring the NFT industry towards sustainability”

Due to the problems mentioned above, nowadays, NFT collectors buy the collection. Some of the works cannot create the expected added value or have too little Rarity, thus unable to resell the work. And if this problem continues, this will cause collectors to stop buying the NFT. When that happens, the entire NFT industry could be at risk. This issue is “UPGRADE.Tools” want to fix and make the whole industry more sustainable leading to endless job creation and make the whole industry more interesting

Introduce the NFT Layer-2

To create sustainable added value for art in NFT format. We propose the NFT UPGRADE methods to the ecosystem where collectors can bring their work to add value according to their imagination and creativity. as shown in the picture

From the picture, we can see that in the NFT Layer-2 approach, we have the freedom to innovate and make endless uses for regular NFTs. For example, collectors can infuse their imaginations into the works they own. Likewise, our artists can create works and use them as endless decorations.

The next point we have to consider is whether the allocation of fees or compensation for artists who create NFT products must continue to receive the same benefits. We design the all-new system for share benefit along NFT Creators, NFT Original Owner, Owner of NFT used in the upgrade process. When NFT Original Owner can sell the new Upgraded NFT, the sharing benefit must be fair. That is why we designed the “XUP Token” to be a Utility Token for compensation in this newly formed Layer-2.

UPGRADE Ecosystem

  • Collect
    Users can be collecting NFT for purpose or upgrade and rarity chase.
  • Upgrade
    Tools to help enrich NFT combined with other people’s works results in a new piece of NFT Artists that is even more valuable. 
  • Earn
    NFT Collectors can list NFT to earn money by leasing NFT to others to upgrade their NFT. NFT Collectors can get a fair royalty when they sell the new upgrade NFT.
  • Creative Shop
    The marketplace that NFT Artists can list their NFT for leasing or sell to other NFT Collectors

Implementation and benefits that users will receive

Benefits for NFT Collectors
NFT collectors can free upgrade their NFT with the UPGRADE toolset (still having to pay a Blockchain Network Fee). They are giving collectors the option to create a new piece while retaining the original NFT piece or destroying the original NFT. By the principle of NFT, the entry of the workpiece has full rights of ownership thereof. If the owner chooses to keep the original work, it may risk becoming two or more pieces. As a result, in a lower value, new NFT works can be used or offered for sale without forfeiting the original NFT rights. This concept can ensure that the value and rarity are further enhanced. However, it is the right of the owner to manage their NFT portfolio. With this capability, we will return the power to the NFT owner. Collecting pieces in various formats can bring their collection to manage and add new infinite creativity.

Owners can also benefit from leasing out their work. However, leasing means that the work owner submits their work to the system. Then, anyone who wishes to upgrade their portfolios can select NFTs from the lessor to combine them with their original NFT and create a new piece of NFT. However, suppose the owner chooses to destroy the original NFT piece. In that case, the system will destroy only the owner’s original and not destroy the tenant’s work. And when the owner can sell the new upgrade NFT, the system will arrange for the lessee to receive a share of the fee in “XUP Token” every time the upgrade sells. 

As a result, the owner of the NFT works can lease out their work then wait for the opportunity to receive XUP Token forever. This system’s ability will be an essential tool in the NFT industry and allow collectors to receive passive income from their NFT portfolio.

Benefits for NFT Artists

The system will allow artists to create their own NFTs for sale in terms of artists. For example, artists can create a sticker in PNG format for rent so that collectors can bring their NFT to update their work immediately. Or, at the same time, the artist will also choose to sell the Sticker to other collectors who can choose to buy and collect. 

As a result, this will open up new revenue-generating markets for artists. And we sincerely hope that this will in some way sustainably enhance the NFT industry.

It doesn’t stop just for the fine art industry.

In the future, we can also extend the scope of Layer-2 NFT to other NFT formats on the market, not necessarily limited to fine art. Imagine using this UPGRADE tool with NFTs in the game industry; how great it would be if item owners could mix and trade NFT items. or even areas in the Metaverse world that can be combined further and create an endless possibility

UPGRADE Platform

UPGRADE Platform will consist of several working parts. First, the platform picture displays a layer for clarity and understanding of the content simultaneously, as shown in the picture.

As a picture can explain

  • Blockchain
    Initially, the platform will run on Ethereum. It is the most reliable and popular Blockchain and has many precious transactions and NFT pieces.
    Then Support another network in the future as appropriate for the future BSC, Solana, Tezos, etc.
  • Smart Contract Layer
    Layer-1 NFT
    ERC-721 : Non-Fungible Token Standard
    As you all know, the NFT operates in the standard ERC-721 format.
    ERC-1155 : Multi Token Standard
    As you all know, NFTs sometimes operate in the form of the ERC-1155 standard in conjunction with the ERC-721 standard.
    Original Creator Platform Fee (such as OpenSea Contract)
    This concept is an exciting point where the UPGRADE system designs NFT pieces. After UPGRADE still maintains a share ratio for owners and artists and the platform that is the release tool NFT (for example, OpenSea) still receives. The share remains the same when new pieces sell.
    Layer-2 NFT
    ERC-20 : XUP Token
    The UPGRADE Ecosystem’s Native Token is the main ingredient for the fair compensation of Layer-2 NFTs.
    UPGRADE NFT Scheme
    A group of the main DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) implemented a fair share of Royalty Fee contributions to the people involved. Both with the work owner, the artist, and the owner of the work (Prop Owner) who can add to the new work. And, of course, it is designed to be the most gas-saving for the lowest possible convenience and cost in the UPGRADE process.
    XUP Token Royalty Fee Scheme
    A group of primary DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) records and distributes a fair share of Royalty Fee to the people involved.
    Application Layer
    UPGRADE Canvas
    Tools to UPGRADE NFT Collectors, which owners can customize according to their creativity. Collectors can UPGRADE by using their two pieces of NFT to combine or combine with another NFT (borrowed). Then, choose whether to keep the original work or let the system annihilate the original one.
    UPGRADE Earn (Lending List)
    A tool that allows owners of NFT works to register their work for rent. When NFT borrows to UPGRADE to a new NFT and sells that new piece, the lessor also receives a share of the fee every time a piece sells. In addition, the borrowed NFT will not destroy the creation of new works. This tool will be essential for NFT collectors to continue generating passive income.
    UPGRADE Creative Shop
    Artists can bring their NFT work to other NFT collectors and provide a space for individual collectors to showcase their work. As well as showing off their creativity in their UPGRADE, even everyone can track which UPGRADE pieces can sell. To open opportunities for creating new creative careers endlessly.
    User Credential Connection
    As for managing the connection with the user’s wallet system will initially support the connection with MetaMark because it is the most popular wallet.
    UPGRADE Staking Program
    Tools to help maintain the stability and liquidity of XUP Token and to generate long-term income for XUP Token holders.
    User Royalty Fee Wallet
    It is a crucial tool to help everyone in the UPGRADE society receive a fair share of Royalty fees to their respective stakeholders.
  • Open API Layer
    Open API
    To achieve sustainable deployment of Layer-2 NFTs and promote true open-market, Open API is an essential tool for platforms and developers worldwide. They can connect their systems to the UPGRADE Platform and bring endless creativity.
  • Governance Platform
    Everyone can express opinions and create a proposal to vote on which direction they want the UPGRADE system. And when each Proposal reaches a certain threshold, the Proposal will be selected to develop in the next step. This approach will allow the entire UPGRADE society to be constantly evolving and open to new creative ideas. It will contribute to the sustainability of the UPGRADE society in the long run.

It can be seen that this Platform is designed in a full-stack style, from Blockchain to real users. This concept ensures that the Platform is genuinely usable and that transactions can occur.

The plan for establishing a team to take care of the project in the long term.

We are planning and building a ten-year foundation and roadmap to pass two more Crypto Winters since we have been in the industry for a long time. We want to be part of the industry. And enable the actual application of Blockchain technology with the goal of enterprise persistence. We want to integrate responsibility into all operations and structures. We do not like to run fundraising projects other than doing price manipulation. Then runaway, leave the investors who don’t know anything with the hope that they would return their capital and make a profit one day. 

As we know, when the Crypto Winter begins, all Crypto in the market has dropped 70-90% and will remain in the bear market for 1-2 years. This kind of event will happen every 3-5 years. And over 80% of companies in the Crypto market have closed or gone bankrupt. To ensure that our products pass through those phases and create actual returns for investors in the long run. The company, therefore, prepares a plan to design the team structure product structure and intends to manage investments to the best of its ability. Combining our expertise in this industry, we believe we will go through such events and create products that users trust. Then will be able to return a sustainable return to investors in the long run.

With the experience that we have worked in the industry for a long time, we plan to expand and allocate the team to be a system for managing the organizational structure. Investment management Liquidity and the most important is systematic that return profits to investors. 

Management Indicators

We aim to use effective corporate management analysis indicators like stock in the stock market as our operational indicators. We aim to generate returns to investors by 10% per year. Standardization of the indicator will be re-defined later. To clarify that the return value to investors does not aim to increase the price of tokens by 10% per year. The price of tokens is the value generated by trading in the free market. The company has no desire to manipulate or manipulate the price according to the intentions mentioned above. But the actual return to investors is to return to the project or product and set accounting metrics to measure. If we can do consistently for many years will result in an implicit and continuing increase in the value of the Token. An example of a metric that US stock market companies like to use is increasing their earnings per share (EPS) by 3-5% per year, which companies value and aim for over the long term.

Corporate structure

To follow the plan to be able to develop and maintain UPGRADE sustainably, we design a corporate model for working as follows: we have established a new company called Upgrade International Registered in Seychelles, a country known as Crypto-Friendly because of its free Crypto policy, this makes it easy for us to use this country as a base for UPGRADE service at the future, UPGRADE will support and able to provide services in a variety of formats and keep up with the current technology without having to worry about legal issues. (Noticeable from Binance and many major Crypto service providers also set up a company in Seychelles). And UPGRADE International Will work with ENTER by using ENTER as a team for research, development, and system service. And on the side of Upgrade International will be the capital manager. And both sides will work together to achieve all UPGRADE ecosystem sustainability.

Token Burn Program

And to reward investors in the long term. The company has set up a Token Burn Program to make a portion of the revenue and operating profit after allocating liquidity and buying tokens on the open market. Then burn Token amount discarded. As a result, the decrease in the number of tokens in the market increases the long-term value of investors.

XUP Token

Token Name: XUP
Token Symbol: XUP
Total Supply: 100,000,000 XUP
XUP Token is Ethereum’s ERC-20 token. XUP holders can swap ERC-20 XUP Token for XUP Token on another network at a 1:1 rate if the system open

Token Utility

  • NFT Rental Fee
    NFT tenants earn XUP Tokens as a fee when NFT Upgrades sell every time. The system will automatically purchase Tokens in the free market (DEX) with the fees received, resulting in tokens that always raise demand. As a result, the Token will have a significantly higher value.
  • Creative Shop
    Token holders can use XUP Tokens as a native token in the Creative Shop system.
  • Staking
    The Platform will provide users with Staking Tokens to earn Reward Tokens to maintain market liquidity balance and reward investors in the long run.
  • Platform Governance
    Token holders can participate in inquiry activities. And Token holders can vote on where Token holders want the system to feature or improve. And after that, the company will carry out the opinions that have received the most votes to proceed. Which truly empowers and decentralizes all Token holders to create a more sustainable community.

Token Allocation

We believe in a truly free market and fair token distribution and design a fair ratio to investors and long-term sustainability.

Token Sale

We care a lot about the fairness and distribution of tokens to investors. With the team’s experience in the Blockchain market for a long time, we have designed a lot of release formats, and the price per round is not high but gradual. Our team believes that this method will help increase justice for investors. Therefore, to be fair to the retail investors, we have decided not to sell in Private sales. Instead, we will only sell in Presale and Public sales and design a Bonus NFT program to reward investors who invest in high volumes.

However, suppose a Public Sale event amount of Token did not sell. In that case, we will burn the amount of not-sale Token after the Public Sale Event is complete.

The benefit of XUP Token Holder

Market Research

Market Research focuses on the question that we want to know the exact needs of real users. So we have designed and conducted Market Research to understand the in-depth needs and solutions users need. Including understanding what all players in the circle want.

Research Process
The research team has collected data from real users in the NFT and crypto industry to get the most accurate information. Spreading the data worldwide was curated using the Boundary Data method, which collaborates with full NFT and crypto enthusiasts. Not thoroughly and interested in obtaining the least biased data and processing it together.

Conducting Research
The research team distributes data collection worldwide by working with NFT and Crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors, NFT artists, and token investors. The collection is distributed across continents worldwide, including America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
We decided to use the Google Survey tool as part of the Google Marketing Platform tools and the Google Analytics products. Everyone knows that Google is the number one research-targeting tool globally to seek valuable, most accurate information in terms of reliability.

Collect data from real 511 users around the world and process the data. Both direct and indirect data collection True Insight search techniques are used based on the User Experience Research principle as some users are not aware of their actual needs.

As mentioned above, we would like to know if we build the UPGRADE tool with users and market demand. However, the information disclosed is part of what we can process. This result is to gain a competitive advantage in the future and to protect the benefit of UPGRADE investors. Therefore, we came to the following conclusions:

We have found that there are three main groups of people in the NFT collector community:

  • Group 1: Buy NFT for wanting to keep it. and join the group
  • Group 2: Buy NFT to resell at a higher price.
  • Group 3: Middle between the two groups

We found Insight that the age range of NFT collectors is significant in categorizing which collectors become.

  • Age 45 and older, likely to be Group 1: Buy NFT to keep it and join the group.
  • Ages 18-24, likely to be in Group 2: Buy NFTs to resell higher prices.
  • Age 25-44, likely to be in Group 3: Middle between the two groups.

We explored if we were to build a tool with the ability to “combine” one’s NFT pieces with someone else’s to sell it for a higher price and then be interested in using it.
We found that participants aged 18-24 and 25-44 had a very active interest rate of 65%.

We explored if we were to build tools with the ability to “decorate” their NFT parts to sell them for a higher price and then be interested in using them.
We found that participants aged 18-24 and 25-44 had a very active interest rate of 61 %.

And we’re also digging into more insights.
By exploring the Boundary Data methodology and using Insight Search techniques.
We have found that over 20.9% of collectors, including those in the NFT industry, can become active users of the UPGRADE Platform. Truly

Fun Estimation :

We calculate data from our market research insight then we estimate a fun set of numbers. Please understand that this information is a mathematical and statistical estimate for an overview only and how we do not define it as a measure.

There are currently 250,000 NFTs trading on OpenSea per month. We estimate that 20.9% (not calculated by growth in the future, its conservative number) can become an UPGRADE natural user base. And we can also do challenging calculations. Based on NFT market estimates of $80Billion in 2025, if UPGRADE can contribute to about 10.8% of the following $80Billion in 2025, that means there will be $8.64 Billion per year in NFT work running through our ecosystem.

You can read more results of the Market Research Summary here.

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