Please study and carefully review these document. for the best benefit of yourself

Investors agree and understand the Token purchase offered in this sale. Accordingly, Company will assume that Investors agree to these terms.

Investors have studied and understood the plans, conditions, structure, schedules for acknowledging that these plans have the opportunity to change as appropriate without prior notice.

Trading and investing in Tokens is a high-risk activity. Therefore, investors agree to understand and study the information in their decision-making carefully. As a result, the investor agrees not to make any demands, sue, extort, post any statements that cause harm or damage to the project in public. Furthermore, investors agree not to take any legal action if the investment is lost or affected in any way; the investor sees himself as affected.

Investors acknowledge and agree that token trading liquidity risks may not be available for trading; there is no market for trading these Tokens. The Company reserves the right to be held liable in any of these cases.

Investors acknowledge and agree to take risks on their own. And will not accuse, sue, extort or engage in any illegal activity. Implied in an immoral way and illegal to the project and the Company.

Investors acknowledge and agree that Token is not rights, shares, financial instruments, right to share interests, or any other financial rights supported by law.

The Company registered in Seychelles, a financially liberalized country without legal representation for regulation.