Please study and carefully review these documents. for the best benefit of yourself

This document defines the terms and conditions of service applicable to the use of the system and all further related information. 

However, users should study and make all this information to benefit their users. The Company assumes that the User acknowledges and agrees to these conditions in this agreement. The Company reserves the right to take any responsibility that occurs, which the agreement is as follows.

The Platform promises to operate to the best of our ability for the sustainability of all users.

The Platform may use cookies to collect users’ personal information to improve the service. The information collected will be basic personal information such as Email, first name, last name, the location where you live.

The Platform may use your information for marketing processing or improve the service to match your usage habits for more convenience.

The Platform assumes that all data such as images, text files, audio files, or anything else imported into the Platform, the User has permitted to manage the system. The system will be able to act on those data as appropriate. Including the User agrees to give ownership rights in that file to the Platform. However, there are only certain rights, such as NFT rights, that the Platform will not have ownership rights and still give rights to belong to the User.

Platform reserves the right to change information and change rights in various information within the system. Such include various rights, including user ownership rights, Right to benefit-sharing, or any other rights that the Platform can manage if the system deems appropriate.

Platform reserves the right to change, modify and take any other actions as it deems appropriate for the existence and suitability of the system as the Company deems appropriate without prior notice.

Platform reserves the right to manage revenue. and various benefits incurred with NFT and any other related by focusing on fairness and the allocation of benefits provided that the User acknowledges and agrees that he has no right to object to those decisions

Platform reserves the right to change the service model as appropriate and market acceptance without prior notice. The User agrees and accepts those terms. by contract not to demand, extort, or intentionally cause any other damage to the system both in private and public places, including agreeing not to claim anything against the Company and the system with various judicial processes

This Platform is maintained and operated under the Company register and operating in Seychelles. This country emphasizes financial freedom and management. Including that there are no requirements and regulations governing crypto and NFT business, which users should be aware of and accept at this point.